Why You Should Participate in Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday®, November 25th, is just over 4 weeks away. According to American Express’ Small Business Saturday website, last year “112 million shoppers came out to show their love for their favorite local spots and spent a reported $15.4 billion at small businesses.”(1) That’s a lot of support for local businesses! Wellness practitioners are usually the “go it alone” type of people, but that can get lonely. This campaign is the perfect opportunity for you to participate in promotions with many other businesses, and be a part of something larger than yourself.

Reasons why you should participate:

  • People generally feel good about promoting local, small businesses.
  • You are a local, small business. (duh)
  • You offer services and products that people actually want to receive.
  • Plus, you offer the types of services and products that people feel proud to give as gifts!
  • You provide an opportunity for your loyal clients to support your business in other ways, besides their regular sessions.
  • Through this event, American Express is helping to promote you!

How to get started today:

Start promoting your planned participation now, by using the free marketing materials available at the Shop Small® Studio. (They even have some of the materials available in Spanish!) Add these promotional images to your website and Social Media pages. Include them in email messages to your clients, to let them know that you are participating in this nationwide campaign. While you’re at it, why don’t you remind them to shop locally all-year-long.

Prepare your gift certificates, so that you have plenty available for sale now, and on that Saturday. And stock up on wellness products that you know will sell out quickly. [By the way, if you don’t currently sell products, now is the time to try it out! Get our new handbook, Retail Mastery, to learn how.]

Collaborate with your neighbors. I’m sure there are other local, small businesses near you who would want to participate. Maybe you can come up with unique bundles that promote both your businesses and support each other. Plus, once you sign up on the Shop Small® page, it will show you a map of other businesses participating in your area. How cool is that!

We want your data!

After the retail season settles down, we would like to know how well this worked for you. What product or service bundles sold the best? How much additional revenue did your practice see, due to the holiday shopping season? What changes would you make for next year, to make the season go more smoothly? Or, anything else you want to share with us?

1 – The statistic cited is an estimate based on projections from a nationally representative sample of adult consumers that reported in the 2016 Small Business Saturday Consumer Insights Survey commissioned by Amex and NFIB. The survey gathered self-reported data and does not reflect actual receipts or sales.