Word of Mouth Marketing that’s Natural and Effective

[Image courtesy of stockimages at FreeDigitalPhotos.net.]

Word-of-mouth marketing is a natural and powerful way to bring in clients that will build your business in a satisfying way. Unfortunately, word-of-mouth marketing doesn’t mean you can simply give excellent therapeutic sessions and expect word to spread fast enough to keep you in business.

Doing your best work is the baseline to generating good word-of-mouth marketing. However, you also need to enlist your clients to help your business grow. So let’s look at how to use a word-of-mouth marketing approach that can feel natural and be effective the same time.

How to Make It Work for You

Nurture your regular client base.

Cultivating your regular clients is essential in word-of-mouth marketing. If you give them your entire attention during their time with you, and if they know you are thinking of them in between sessions, your clients will be absolutely inspired to spread the word about you. Take time to make follow-up calls, send them mailings or emails with announcements and discount offers, and/or thank them for their referrals. And be sure you ask new clients where they heard about you so you will know who is championing your services.

A satisfied client is your best client.

Let your clients know you value their perspective on their experiences in your practice. If they have suggestions or even complaints, respond to them promptly, listening well and adapting to them, if possible. Even if you can’t give them what they want, let them know you care about what they think and feel.

Become a valued resource.

Create an excellent, broad network of other practitioners to whom you can refer clients. Also start a library of books, DVDs, and handouts on massage, stretching, and other self-care topics to loan. These things will make you an even more valuable resource in your clients’ eyes and help build your reputation as an expert.

Give satisfied clients some tools.

Make it easy for your regular clients to spread the word about you. Here’s some ideas:

  • Give them a few of your business cards every so often, and ask them to pass them on to people who could use your services.
  • Provide a newsletter with advice and other practical information. This gives your clients something of value for themselves and to share with others.
  • Mail or email a discount offer that can be shared with a loved one. For example, instead of an expiration date for a special offer, one of our customers said, “This gift of health never expires. Feel free to pass this card on to a friend if you think this offer will benefit them, too.”

Word-of-mouth marketing builds upon people’s natural desire to share things that have helped them with the people they care about. And it takes advantage of your natural inclination to help more people reduce their stress and pain, to recover, to maintain flexibility with age — or whatever it is you do best.