Word-Of-Mouth May Be the Only Marketing You Need

sma-blog-word-of-mouth-megaphoneMost massage clients say they have recommended massage to another person. Wow. People do love what you do. And past ABMP surveys say nearly 40% of massage clients found their therapists via word-of-mouth recommendations. Apparently, word-of-mouth marketing is the bomb.

However. Like we’ve said in the past, word-of-mouth marketing is more than just doing great work and counting on satisfied customers passing on your name. But if you put a bit of effort into it, word-of-mouth marketing may be the only marketing you need.

3 ways to make word-of-mouth sizzle

  1. First of all, take very good care of people who go out of their way to pass on your name. You don’t necessarily need to reward them. (And, as it turns out, this is illegal in some states.) But, remember to thank them for their business and for passing on your name.
  2. Beyond that, give appreciative clients your best attention each time they come to see you. Don’t take for granted that you know what they want even if they’ve been in fifty times before. Ask about their needs on that particular day. Do your best to keep their good opinion.
  3. Every so often ask your client-fans if they will help others find out about you. Here are three ideas.

a) If clients are willing, give them two or three business cards to pass on to others. You may even want a specific business card just for this purpose, ones with a special call-to-action. For example, “Call for $10 off your first treatment.” Or “Call to schedule a free consultation and sample of my work.”

b) Ask clients to like your business on Facebook.

c) Ask them to forward your email specials and newsletters on to friends.

Word-of-mouth marketing is not rocket science. It’s about appreciating the clients that appreciate you. It’s about noticing that they are natural cheerleaders and offering them a megaphone now and then.