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Topics for Workshops and Seminars

Business Ethics

An ethical approach to business promotes an atmosphere of trust, yet much confusion exists about what is and what is not ethical behavior. Not all ethical breaches are gross violations of conduct; much unethical behavior is subtle. Furthermore, being ethical is not limited simply to knowing and following ethical codes, laws and regulations. Ethical behavior is really about understanding boundaries and striving to bring the highest values into one's work and aspiring to do one's best in all interactions.

Most people do not think about ethical dilemmas until they arise. The Business Ethics workshop gives participants the opportunity to experience real-life ethical dilemmas and discuss various methods of resolution, so they are better prepared to solve and hopefully avoid potential problems. We also address your questions and concerns about HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and explore other business ethics issues such as confidentiality, financial impropriety, misrepresentation, scope of practice, product sales and avoiding lawsuits.

Come prepared with questions and specific concerns.

The Business Mastery Workshop

An exciting, interactive workshop where you make a quantitative shift in your relationship to your business.

Success. . .

Have you ever wondered why some people seem naturally successful with their careers while others struggle? We've all been told that if you do what you love, money easily flows to you. Unfortunately, it's not quite so simple. You need to take action to foster your success.

Achieving success in the business world while staying true to the principles of integrity and service to others need not be a contradiction in terms.

What You Get . . .

The Business Mastery Workshop is designed to provide you with the tools to create a fulfilling, thriving business and KEEP it successful.

The focus is to support you in living your life and running your business from your values. You clarify your vision and then learn specific, creative, proven techniques for actualizing your goals.

When presented as a one-day workshop, the focus is on business management. We cover topics such as managing your finances, choosing advisors, insurance coverage (and insurance reimbursement for those in the healing arts), goal setting, diversification, pricing, educating clients/customers, staffing, contracts, self management and working smarter not harder.

Business Mastery means having your business be an expression of creativity, joy, empowerment, balance and prosperity.

Who Should Attend. . .

The Business Mastery Workshop is for those small business owners that embrace a holistic approach to life and business.

Even if you are doing well in your business, you leave this workshop knowing how to simplify your life and expand your business. This workshop inspires powerful insights and results for seasoned professionals as well as those just embarking in their field.

A Sampling of the Topics. . .

Create a New Ethical Paradigm

An ethical approach to business promotes an atmosphere of trust. Every day our actions either promote or diminish an environment of integrity. In this session we explore the essential role of ethics and methods of bringing an ethical commitment to every apect of your organization -- whether it is a private practice, research project or school.

Creative Teaching Techniques

Creative Teaching Techniques provides you with many specific techniques and aids to assist you in designing and delivering excellent, engaging classes.

Quite often we find ourselves facing the problems of too much content to cover within a limited time frame, disruptive student behavior, and a lack of teaching aids. Perhaps you've taught the same class so often that you are feeling burned out. Or maybe your class content is well developed but you would like some ideas on how to deliver the material in a fresh, dynamic way.

In this workshop you discover how to:

Creative Teaching Techniques is highly interactive. Come prepared with questions and specific concerns. We address them during the seminar. The ideal format is a three-day program and we can customize it to meet your time requirements and educational goals. To register check Schedule

Delivering Dynamic Demonstrations

Demonstrations are an excellent avenue for therapists to build their practices: it establishes their credibility; increases their visibility in the community; educates the public about the benefits of massage and bodywork; and fosters alliances with other health care providers. This workshop provides you with the skills to confidently deliver dynamic demonstrations and presentations.

Ninety percent of your presentation impact stems from your voice and body language. In this workshop we focus on delivery skills and developing presentations that incorporate experiential activities. You discover how to: speak confidently; improve non-verbal communications; build rapport; work effectively with demonstration models; design and utilize exciting audio-visuals; field questions; and keep your audience involved and enthusiastic.

Does Anyone Know You're There?

The Four Keys to Free Publicity

All businesses and organizations need positive public attention to achieve success. Most business owners do not actively pursue publicity: they rely on word-of-mouth, advertising and direct mail to increase their visibility. Yet nothing enhances your credibility like publicity. And it's free!

In this workshop you discover how to:

Dual Relationships and Sexuality

When building a private practice, clear and strong relationship boundaries must be put in place for the client and the practitioner to interact with clarity and safety. Dual relationships are those in which different roles overlap. Sometimes overlapping relationships work and other times they have disastrous consequences.

In this interactive workshop, we take an in-depth look at the interpersonal issues and dilemmas that arise in a private practice with regard to dual relationships and sexuality.

Integrating Ethics into Your Curriculum

Every day our actions either promote or diminish an environment of integrity. In this workshop we explore the role of ethics and the value of bringing an ethical perspective into every classroom. We address areas of potential conflict and examine methods for enabling teachers to walk their ethical talk.

 Marketing From Your Heart . . .

Discover how to expand your business by using proven techniques that integrate your values into your business. Effective marketing is the cornerstone to a successful business. Marketing involves all of the business activities done on a daily basis to attract potential clients/customers as well as to retain your current ones. Thriving businesses combine a good mixture of promotion, advertising, publicity and community relations.

What You Get . . .

This highly interactive workshop focuses on increasing your success by integrating YOU into your marketing. Discover how to increase your income through customer retention, referrals and diversification; clarify your differential advantage; identify the people you want as clients/customers; design a concise engaging, introduction; determine your position statement; target your market; utilize fun, effective promotional strategies; and renew your confidence and enthusiasm.

Who Should Attend. . .

This workshop is for those small business owners who embrace a holistic approach to life and business.

Even if you are doing well in your business, you leave this workshop knowing how to increase the impact of your marketing in your print materials (e.g., brochures and business cards, presentations, networking and advertising. You also discover how to get free media coverage and expand your visibility through creative marketing techniques and cooperative marketing.

A Sampling of the Topics. . .

Marketing in the Millenium

To succeed in the millennium, business owners need to adapt their business structure and marketing methods so that they meet the changing consumer needs.

In this workshop we explore future trends and determine the best steps to address the needs, desires and concerns of the 21st century massage client/customer.

Take Your Practice to the Next Level

Throughout the life of your business you encounter vital times when to reassess your direction. Businesses tend to take on a life of their own; yours may be going down a path you hadn't planned. One day you look around and ask yourself, “Just how did I get here? This wasn't exactly what I had in mind.”

Even though you may have an elaborate business plan with specific goals, sometimes things snowball. Often, the changes are so subtle you don't even notice them until something forces you to evaluate your situation and life.

In this workshop you:

The Presentation Skills Workshop

The Key To Expanding Your Business!

You are the most appropriate person to promote your business. People become your clients out of their experience of you. The more ways you can get yourself known, the better. Public speaking is one of the best avenues to build your business: it increases your visibility in the community, educates the public about the benefits of your services/products and establishes your credibility.

The Presentation Skills Workshop provides you with the skills to speak powerfully and confidently from informal (yet important) one-on-one contacts to formal group presentations. This exciting program is fast paced, participative and fun. We create multiple opportunities for self development through the use of discussion, projects and activities. A wonderful option for smaller groups is to include video work.

The Present Yourself Powerfully Workshop

Feeling overwhelmed and nervous about upcoming presentations? Do you want to breathe new life into your classes? This two-day workshop gives you the necessary tools to speak powerfully and confidently from informal one-on-one contacts to formal group presentations.

Course benefits and features

Why you should attend

If you need to communicate with others and deliver presentations, including managers, supervisors, training and educational and sales professionals, facilitators, and business owners, this course greatly benefit you. Even if you are a seasoned presenter, you'll leave with renewed confidence and more tricks for your trainer's bag.

Learn to:

Teaching Ethics Can Be Fun!

Breathe new life into your ethics courses! We explore techniques to inspire students to engage in self examination and change or integrate their personal values to be more congruent with massage therapy values. We also survey curriculum suggestions and share experiential tools and exercises.

Therapeutic Communication Skills

Effective Communication with Clients, the Public and Health Care Providers

Excellent communication skills are integral to a successful practice. As therapists, we need to be able to adapt our style as well as vocabulary when talking with different people such as clients, other health care providers and the general public. The more you enhance your communication abilities, the easier it becomes to build your practice, develop professional affiliations and retain clients.

You learn the keys to effective therapeutic communications and interpersonal interactions. We cover client interactions: how to develop rapport, do great intake interviews (eliciting appropriate information, using "buzz" words, understanding non-verbal cues), design treatment plans, get feedback during sessions, and empower your clients in their well-being. We also explore ways to build professional alliances: developing a team approach to wellness, designing a descriptive promotional package, and marketing to physicians and other primary health care providers.

Discover how to: