You Are The Source for Holiday Stress Relief

Remember, one of your roles as a wellness practitioner is stress relief, and the holiday season can be very stressful. Here’s a quick, two-minute video tip to get your practice ready to be the stress relief your clients need for the holidays.


Hey, good morning. Deanna here with your October practice-building tip. You know, the holidays can be a real stressful time for your clients and for your potential clients, so it’s your job to do three things.

One: Prepare a real comforting space. And I’m sure you’ve already done that.

[Two] Provide effective treatments. Of course, I’m sure you’re doing that as well.

[Three] But it’s also your job to let folks know that you are their source for holiday stress relief.

The holidays seem like maybe they’re a little bit away. It’s only October. But right now is the time to start preparing. Here are five things you can do to start getting prepared right now.

1) Get your gift certificates printed. Your clients want to buy these for their friends and family. They’re shopping now, so have those available now.

2) Update your website to let people know that you have gift certificates available. Put a banner on there that says, “gift certificates available.” They can click on it and be able to contact you to purchase.

3) If you give loyalty gifts to your best and most important clients, everybody’s important in my book so everybody gets a gift, get those gifts wrapped up now. So that the next time they come in, maybe they only come once a month you have one opportunity to see them before the holidays, so get those wrapped up now have them prepared.

4) Decorate your office. Put things around, you know, holiday theme wise, whatever makes most sense for you. Get those things prepared now.

5) And lastly, publish your holiday hours. So, if you have limited hours during the holidays, let folks know now, not in December, then it’s too late. If you let them know what your hours are now it encourages advance booking and you can see what your holiday bookings are going to be like.

Okay, there are your five things.

One last thing, make sure you’re scheduling your own holiday self care treatments and we’ll see a lot less stressful holiday.