Your Favorite Business Books

In April there was a Facebook activity to celebrate National Book Week. The rules were to grab the closest book to you, turn to page 52, post the 5th sentence as your status and don’t mention the title. Of course, the closest book to me was a business book.

This got me to thinking about how much this field has grown. Twenty years ago there were only a couple of books focused on business and the all-in-one texts barely touched on the topic. I scoured my bookshelves and did a quick online search this morning and found 18 titles for therapists. Plus there are numerous business building courses (many with written materials, CDs, etc.). I am happy to say that almost every one of the following books (listed alphabetically by author) is on my bookshelf.

  • The Business of Massage Therapy: Building a Successful Career, by Jessica Abegg
  • One Year to a Successful Massage Therapy Practice, by Laura Allen
  • A Massage Therapist’s Guide to Business, by Laura Allen
  • Massage: A Career at Your Fingertips, by Martin Ashley
  • Massage Therapy Career Guide for Hands-On Success, by Steve Capellini
  • Business and Professional Skills for Massage Therapists, by Sandy Fritz
  • Success Beyond Work: What Prosperous Massage Therapists Know?Minimum Work, Maximum Profits, and a Sellable Business, by Colleen Holloway
  • The Magic Touch: How to make $100,000 per year as a Massage Therapist; simple and effective business, marketing, and ethics education for a successful career in Massage Therapy, by Meagan Holub
  • More of The Magic Touch: 8 Successful Massage Therapists Share “Out of the Box” Business and Marketing Secrets, by Meagan Holub
  • A Guide to Creating Your Wellness Center, by Paula K. Jilanis
  • The Enviable Lifestyle: Creating a Successful Massage Therapy Business, by Shelley Johnson
  • The Body Is Art: A Mentoring Guide for the Business of Massage & Bodywork, by Diane Matkowski
  • Get (and Keep) Clients for Your Massage Business, by M. Johanna Powell
  • Ignite Your Massage Therapy Business!, by Amy Roberts
  • Marketing Massage: From First Job to Dream Practice, by Monica Roseberry
  • Business Mastery: A Guide for Creating a Fulfilling, Thriving Business and Keeping it Successful, by Cherie Sohnen-Moe
  • Marketing Your Chair-Massage Business: A step by step, simple, effective guide to building a chair-massage practice, by Mark Worrell
  • The Business of Massage: The Complete Guide to Establishing Your Massage Career, by The American Massage Therapy Association

I believe that every massage/bodywork practitioner should have at least 5 of these books in addition to other business and marketing books that aren’t necessarily industry specific.

What are your favorite business and marketing books?