Your Inner Punk Rocker

I seem to be enmeshed in musical metaphors lately. In Jerry Kennedy’s blog titled, “Why Being a Non-Conformist Is Great for Your Business,” he talks about non-conformity and the importance of being true to yourself. So many of us play it safe, particularly in the name of credibility and acceptance. Kennedy shares how he’s struggled over the past several years to create his dream business—without reaching the levels of success he wants. In doing things the “right” way, he has stifled his creativity. He states, “And all the while I’ve been suppressing my inner punk-rocker.”

I too have been suppressing my rebellious nature. While not quite a punk-rocker, I am a rock-and-roll girl—literally and figuratively. Unfortunately, for the past couple of years I’ve been performing as a soft-rock player. And that’s not who I am. And truthfully, it’s that outspoken, funny, yet compassionate aspect of my personality that created my success. As I move into this next phase of my life, playing it safe is not the way to go!

For the past three decades, leaders in the massage industry have been working very hard to remove the stigma associated with massage and to depict therapists as “normal,” responsible people. In the zest to remove the “granola crunching” image, many practitioners have stifled a lot of their artistry. I think balance is in order.

How are you playing it safe in your practice? What aspects of your personality are you suppressing to fit in? Perhaps it’s time to let your inner rebel out to play.

Originally published in Massage Today‘s WIBB (Women In Business Blog).